Intellectual Property


Intellectual Property plays an integral role in the business of virtually every company and a major role in the global economy.  Intellectual Property Rights are valuable business assets used to create financial, reputational, and competitive advantages for their owners in their industries.  From the initial development through sustaining a multi-million dollar international business, protecting and leveraging intellectual property assets creates sustained longevity and success for companies in the marketplace.


The Entertainment and Intellectual Property Law Group of Pailet & Ostendorf, LLP provides legal and business experience and know-how in relating to intellectual property in the areas of trademark, copyright and trade secrets.  We have represented a broad range of clients, including established companies, start-ups and individuals, engaged in a variety of endeavors, such as brand licensing, franchising, software and information technology, construction and design, health care, professional services, retail sales, distribution and transportation, hospitality and entertainment. 

At P&O Law, we take the time to thoroughly understand the Intellectual Property Assets of our clients’ businesses, and we work with our clients to develop a comprehensive Intellectual Property Strategy and Protection Program that is unique for each client.  Our attorneys counsel clients on business strategies that permit them to achieve their business goals in a safe and secure manner.  We also consult with and employ licensed patent attorneys when necessary to help a business protect its invention or technology.  P&O Law handles all types of issues pertaining to the United States Copyright Act, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and the United States Trademark Act, as well as certain international intellectual property laws.  

Our core Intellectual Property Services include:

  • Assessing the scope, validity, and enforceability of individual trademarks and trademark portfolios of our clients and their competitors or current or prospective business partners
  • Preparing, filing and prosecuting U.S. and foreign trademark applications
  • Counseling clients on strategies to maximize Intellectual Property protection to achieve business goals
  • Licensing Intellectual Property to build client portfolios and maximize client returns on investments in Intellectual Property
  • Designing and implementing e-commerce strategies to market and distribute Intellectual Property
  • Assisting small companies and start-ups that rely on Intellectual Property as a core asset


Trademarks and service marks are distinctive signs which identify certain goods or services as those being produced or delivered by a specific source.  Trademarks and the goodwill associated with a company’s name is likely the most valuable asset of any company.  Attorneys at P&O Law provide legal counsel to identify, protect and promote our clients’ trademarks and service marks and the goods and services they symbolize.  We assist in the selection of marks, development of brands and strong marks, conduct trademark clearance searches, prosecute trademarks applications with government agencies, create and execute licensing strategies, and enforce trademark rights through dispute resolution procedures and related actions.  


Copyright Law encourages creative activities and provides the means to enable authors and creators to receive economic and reputation benefits for the use of their original works.  We offer knowledge and experience in copyright protection for works such as books, magazines, computer programs, music, sound recordings, dramatic works, pictures, graphics, sculptures, motion pictures and other audiovisual works, and architecture.  We assist our clients in obtaining copyright protection from government agencies, developing business opportunities to leverage their copyrights, and assignments, licensing and contract matters involving copyrights. 


Any confidential business information that provides a competitive advantage may be protected as a trade secret, as long as the proprietor uses reasonable measures to keep the information secret.  Trade secret protection encompasses reviewing and advising our clients on their business plans, advertising strategies, manufacturing processes, sales methods, distribution methods, and lists of suppliers and customers.  Our goal is to help you identify your proprietary information rights and implement the appropriate measures to protect those rights, which may include drafting non-compete agreements and creating a sustainable Trade Secret Protection Program. 


Licensing intellectual property can provide a business with the best return on its investment.  At P&O Law, we assist our clients in evaluating market opportunities and appropriate licensing arrangements, structuring and drafting licensing agreements, locating strategic partners and forming business alliances, and negotiating and enforcing the terms and conditions of contracts.  Our attorneys have advised and counseled clients on domestic and international business transactions, and arrangements concerning research and development, purchasing and manufacturing, sales and distribution, partnership and joint ventures, and investments and acquisitions.