About Our Firm

The Entertainment and Intellectual Property Law Group of Pailet & Ostendorf, L.L.P. is a boutique law firm that handles entertainment and intellectual property law. Each attorney at P&O Law shares a common vision and passion for helping businesses realize their full potential and achieve success. Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge and resources you need to make your project a success. Our flexible approach to representing our clients enables us to create quality solutions and profitable business opportunities that are mutually beneficial to all.

P&O Law is well equipped to address the needs of our clients both domestically and internationally. Our attorneys assist clients in running their entertainment related or intellectual property based businesses, protecting corporate values and assets, and facilitating and closing business transactions, as well as being conduits, on their behalf, to the creative industries at large. We offer excellent skills, an array of experience in many industries, and wise legal and business affairs advice and counseling. In addition, we perform personalized service tailored to the specific project or need, quick response time, and a creative billing practice that considers the objective of the client and the results that need to be achieved.